Can the hair be straightened or curled ? 

YES, this is 100% Human Hair, so treat it as your own. You can curl and straighten the hair as desired. (Note – The hair may lose some of the curl pattern with constant blow dryer.)


Can the hair be colored or dyed ? 

YES, you can color our hair. Our hair is 100% virgin  hair of premium quality and has never been chemically treated and it can therefore handle the coloring process very well.

However, it will no longer be virgin once you color or process the hair. We suggest you consult a professional if you wish to color your new hair.


What is the quality of your hair?

All of our hairs are pure virgin hair. Our hairs does not shed, tangle or matt up, and we stand behind the quality of our hair

How many OZ comes in a bundle?

3.5-4.0 0Z , please note that longer lengths tend to be thinner than shorter length


How many bundles do I need to complete a full sew-in?

12”-16” needs 2 bundles 18”-24” needs 3 bundles 24”-30” needs 3 to 4 bundles


What is your return or exchange policy?

All sales are final. We will only exchange items in its original state (as received). 


How long does it take to ship ? 

Shipping takes 3 to 7 business days for you to receive your order. Priority shipping delivery time is never guaranteed, it could come a day later or a day earlier depending on USPS. After your package is mailed you will receive a tracking number


How long does the hair typically last?

2-3 years with proper maintenance 


Can the hairs be colored?

Yes it can, but we advise that you use a professional colorist that specializes in coloring hair extensions.


What color does the hair come in?

Virgin hair only comes in natural colors of the donors, which are usually light to dark shades of natural brown. You can indicate in your note and remarks at the time of purchase what color you would prefer, and we will TRY to match that the best we can. We do not guarantee color matching.

What is the difference between the 5 different types of hairs?

The difference between the hairs is thickness and quality. Listed below is the best quality, softest, and thickest.

  1. Eurasian- Light weight fine texture of hair, dull in appearance and coarse in texture. Eurasian hair gives the appearance of being thick while proving volume.
  2. Peruvian- Average in thickness and density. Peruvian has the ability to blend with the majority of textures of hair.
  3. Malaysian- Is comparable to Brazilian hair in thickness and density. It will be slightly shinier and softer than Brazilian hair and offer body to your style.
  4. Brazilian- is a thick texture of hair that will provide body and be slightly dull and coarse. Brazilian hair has been on the market the longest.
  5. Indian- Is the finest silkiest texture of hair we offer. It is shiny and provides volume 
    Can I cut the weft?

Our wefts are not meant to be cut, if you need to cut your weft we recommend sealing the ends with weft sealer so that hair will not shed at point of cut.


Will my hair wave up again after I straighten it?

Yes it will, but the more you straighten the hair the more you will lose the pattern. It is important to remember that the hair is not attached to any cuticles so it no longer is receiving any nourishment, so if you continuously straighten you will relax the pattern just like you would with your own hair.